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BREATHE! Convention Las Vegas

HISTORY MADE IN REAL TIME GET EDUCATED Whether you are a Web3 newbie or a Web3 pro, you will walk away with knowledge in the latest trends, best practices, insights, and cutting-edge research in AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, DeFi, and more! MAKE IT AN EXPERIENCE You …


What is BITCON? THE CONFERENCE FOR THE CULTURE BITCON is a conference like no other. The annual conference for the Blacks In Technology community spotlights the digital divide for people of African descent while creating a platform to highlight and uplift individuals making extraordinary gain …

 EY Global Blockchain Summit

As mass adoption of blockchain accelerates, organizations that move onto the public blockchain have an opportunity to transform their businesses, industries and ecosystems in ways never thought possible. In 2023, the annual EY Global Blockchain Summit returns against a backdrop of new disruption and global …

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